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E-candidate Profile

Simply provide us with your contact information and resume so that our Recruiters can search for great jobs that might be a match for you.  Also, be sure to browse our site to take advantage of the great career tools and resources designed just for you! 


Please take a few moments to meticulously answer all of the following questions. These questions are essential for us to know about your background so we may find you the right opportunity.

Today's Date (M/D/Y)
First Name, Middle Initial
Last Name
Street Address
State, Zip Code
Home Phone (include area code)
Work Phone (include area code)
Cell Phone (include area code)
U.S. Citizen

Yes   No    If No, please explain status

Can you, upon employment, provide verification of your legal right to work without sponsorship? Yes    No    If No, please explain
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes    No    If Yes, please explain
How did you hear about Genesis Staffing?
How much of a notice do you need to give your current employer? 1wk    2wks    3wks    Other
What is the minimum base salary that you would like to hear about new jobs?
Do you have any vacations scheduled or require time off in the next 12 months? Yes    No    
Time Periods:
Please list the salary and bonus for each position listed on your resume.
Reasons for leaving all of your past employers individually.
List the number of people supervised on each position and their title.
Please list what each company you have worked for does, the approximate size, and both the revenue and number of employees.
Please list if the companies are public or privately held.
Please list the GL and/or report writing systems you use or have used and grade yourself on each software package that you know 1-10, 10 being an expert.

Please explain any gaps in your employment history.

If you only have years listed on your resume, please provide all of the months for each employers.
Please list degrees or certifications along with the month and year you completed them.  If you have not completed a degree or certification, explain what needs to be done to complete it.
Please list, in order of preference, which geographic (cities) areas you would like to work in (1.2.3., etc.).
Please list the industries that you would like to work in from 1st to last (1.2.3., etc.).
What type of company and position are you looking for (title, responsibilities, industry, size of company in million)?  Please, explain what you really want from your next job and what is most important to you.

REFERENCES (Please list the Names, Titles & Phone #'s):

Please list at least two Supervisors from each of your current/previous employers.

Phone Number:
Phone Number:
Phone Number:

(if you managed staff)
Phone Number:
Phone Number:

Please print the following APPLICATION ADDENDUM, sign it, and fax it back to Genesis Staffing at 818-995-1115


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