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At Genesis Staffing we know that finding employees in the job market today, is not only about finding the right background but also by finding employees with the “Whole-Package” deal, the right background, skills and personality.  We evaluate each candidate’s skills with the proper applications and rate them either “Basic,” “Intermediate,” or “Advanced,” by specific software category.  We also offer Personality tests to give the employer a better idea of what type of personality the candidate’s they are interested in may have.  We can test candidates on the latest software packages and specialized skills in the following categories:

Technology ERP
Accounting software
Office/ Administrative
Microsoft products
Call Center
Behavioral/ Personality


We offer a number of online training programs where our temporary employees can sharpen their skills to be even better prepared for the job at hand.  Our temporary employees can utilize our system to enhance their skills or learn new trades that are in-demand.  This helps them to be more marketable and ready to take on the latest challenges presented to them by the changing job marketplace.