Thank You Letters

Last impressions are as important as the first.

The perfect final touch to an interview is a sincere thank-you letter. Just a brief note of appreciation to your interviewer for sharing their time and knowledge can do wonders. It reminds the interviewer of who you are and demonstrates exceptional professionalism. Follow these simple guidelines to write thank-you letters that will make you hard to forget.

  • Make a statement of appreciation
    Thank your interviewer for his/her time.

  • Recall the interview
    Make reference to at least one topic of discussion during your visit to demonstrate your interest in the conversation and the company.

  • Connect yourself to the job
    Remind the interviewer of how your qualifications meet the needs of the company and emphasize your interest in the job.

  • Indicate next contact
    Let the interviewer know that you look forward to speaking with her/him soon about the job opportunity.

  • Proofread your letter
    Be sure your letter is flawless. Do not tarnish a great interview with poor spelling or grammar in the follow-up letter.

February 20, 2005
Mr. John Smith
Production Manager
General Manufacturing, Inc.
8116 Armour Street
Denver, CO 80012

Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you for taking time to interview me for your warehouse supervisor position and for the tour of your plant. (Appreciation)

Your ability to move large quantities of products in such a short period of time is impressive. It is only natural that your product turnover rate would cause some of the problems we discussed. (Recall Discussion)

After listening to what you need, it seems that my experience in organizing and running a warehouse team could be of immediate benefit to your company. I like the idea of being able to make a contribution right away. (Connect)

Feel free to call my prior boss, Bill Rosenberg, about my warehouse experience and work habits. His number is 621-9600. I am very interested in this position and look forward to speaking with you about it again. (Next Step)



Matt Clark