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Social Responsibility

The Genesis Staffing value of stewardship and community embodies the idea of social responsibility. Our Employees are encouraged to individually support the charity(ies) of their choice whether in the form of time, talent or treasure, as we believe this type of charitable support is a fundamental obligation. We have also made a visible corporate commitment to these values and support these two organizations.

Generosity Water

run for waterOver 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, resulting in the death of nearly 4,500 children a day.  For many in sub-Saharan Africa the solution is right beneath their feet.  Fresh water far beneath the earth’s surface, waiting, yet unable to be accessed.  An initiative created by Phillip Wagner, Generosity Water is a practical response to the clean water crisis and HIV/AIDS epidemic.  When you purchase Generosity water you are simultaneous giving water to others, allowing for the building of water wells in these areas of desperate need.

World Vision

world visionWorld Vision helps transform the lives of the world's poorest children and families in nearly 100 countries, including the United States. Our non-profit work extends assistance to all people, regardless of their religious beliefs, gender, race, or ethnic background.