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Our History

The idea of Genesis Staffing originated in 1999. Two friends, who were top producers as Recruiters for separate national staffing firms, began sharing their dreams to build a better company. Their vision - “Wouldn’t it be great to start a specialized staffing company that was a fierce competitor but also genuinely cared about its employees and Clients?” 

In January 2000, they launched their joint venture leaving the cozy comfort of stable jobs and salaries for the excitement of living a dream.  Within three years, Genesis Staffing, Inc. had won the respect and business relationships with an impressive list of Fortune 500 companies. In 2005, the co-founders elected to part ways.  The current President and CEO, Joseph Brown, bought all controlling shares to become the sole owner of Genesis Staffing.  With the founding vision strongly established as an operating culture, the company prepared to forge ahead in its pursuit of values-based business success.

Today, almost nine (9) years later Genesis Staffing is a multi-million dollar company, with five (5) specialty divisions and remains dedicated to the “art of caring leadership” treating employees and clients the way they deserve to be treated.  The company, grounded by its founding principles is positioned and poised to continue steady economic growth and marketplace expansion.  Mr. Brown proudly professes that the Genesis Staffing team is the cornerstone of his business.  He steadfastly believes that customers are treated only as well as the company treats its employees. Mr. Brown feels that he is only as good as the people with whom he surrounds himself.  “I have an outstanding executive team; I’m humbled many a day in realizing that I’m not the smartest in the room.  That’s how you build a high performance team, you can’t be afraid to hire people and let their talent shine - to be in service of the team, not in power over them.  Brown says, “Good people, inspired to their fullest potential, are the lifeblood of Genesis Staffing.”

The vision for the future of Genesis Staffing, Inc. is to grow the company in North America to a billion dollars in revenue over the next six years through organic growth.  Mr. Brown says, “Our goal is not to be the largest specialized staffing company in America but rather to be one of the best in value-based customer relationships and work life for our employees.